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Gadget Salvation Joins UPS Shipping Program to Speed Up Trade-in Process

By Djalizeral

...Now part of the UPS Corporate Retail Solutions Program, Gadget Salvation enables sellers to get cash for their iPhone, MacBook, laptop and other electronic devices in as little as three days....

Zero Budget Film "The Last Man on Earth" Gets Worldwide Premiere

By Cowlite

...The Last Man On Earth is being released March 7, 2014 on Vimeo on Demand. Going against Hollywood tradition, it was made for nothing, and will be available to a global audience simultaneously....


By BeatPuppy

...Since 2009, GearMo® has been a pioneering factor in Linux, Mac, and Windows computer USB peripherals and accessories. The company is introducing out of the box solutions using new USB standards technologies for charging iPads, Smart Phones and Tablets....

Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway at American Heart Association Kick-Off Party Success for Bill Howe Family o

By DeanWow

...San Diego plumber, Bill Howe, added Kindle Fire HDX to giveaway prizes at this year’s launch of the Healthy Hearts Drawing Contest....

One of Many New Adult Gifts from Honey Gifts, the We-Vibe 4, Now Comes with Free Discreet Shipping

By AniHoop

...Adult intimacy items and adult gifts can be hard to order and carry around and this problem can be solved with the discreet shipping provision. Honey Gifts proudly announces free shipping for the We-Vibe 4 at

Videomaker Helps Videographers Choose The Ideal Video Camera With a Helpful New Guide

By Epaddica

...If you're in the market for a new camera, the newly released "Choosing the Right Camera" from Videomaker, a leading publication for video production education, provides a clear and concise checklist of all the factors that must be considered....

Global Image Sensors Market is Expected to Reach USD 12.0 Billion by 2020, According to a New Study

By Aeroupda

...Steady demand for mobile phones and tablets to favorably impact the industry. Visit

MONKEETECH Files U.S. Utility Patent for Its Point-of-Sale Security Swipe System

By Arhyttron

...Monkeetech LLC announced today that it has filed for a full utility non-provisional patent for its Security Swipe System. The Security Swipe System is a point-of-sale credit and debit card fraud prevention system, which captures clear photographic evidence of the payment transaction, each time a credit or debit card is swiped at checkout....

ZTR Teaches New Tricks to the Fully Portable ROVER Locomotive Remote Control System

By Futtoman

...Remote monitoring package provides equipment alerts, management reports and location....

ORTHOSHOP Geomatics Ltd. Expands Mapping Capabilities with Purchase of Leica ALS70-CM Aerial Laser S

By CharmsLovely

...The addition of a second Leica ALS70-CM and a third Leica RCD30 enhances ORTHOSHOP’s ability to capture highly accurate datasets that combine LiDAR and aerial imagery....

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